Jennifer Lindner is a trained pastry chef, food writer, author, and historian and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, the Culinary Institute of America (with A.O.S. and Baking and Pastry Arts degrees), and the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture. She has worked as executive editor of professional chefs’ magazine Art Culinaire, as well as in the curatorial departments at Winterthur Museum & Country Estate, Rosenbach Museum and Library, and Valley Forge National Historic Park.

As a full-time writer, Jennifer has coauthored a number of chef books, including The City Tavern Baking & Dessert Cookbook (Running Press 2003), Black Forest Cuisine (Running Press 2006), and Delilah’s Everyday Soul (Running Press 2006). She has also edited recipes for and contributed to Dining at Monticello (Thomas Jefferson Foundation 2005), Winterthur Museum’s community cookbook, Recipes from Winterthur (fall 2007), and Mount Vernon’s Dining with the Washingtons (Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association 2011). Jennifer’s cookbook, Gingerbread: Timeless Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Desserts, Ice Cream, and Candy, was published by Chronicle Books in the fall of 2009. She contributes regularly to her blog, her food and entertaining articles have appeared Hunt Magazine and Main Line Magazine, and she regularly writes for Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family Magazine.

Her artisan business, Chou-Chou, features inspired and distinctive confections as well as savory treats, which continue to adorn dessert tables at private homes and celebrity events alike.

Jennifer lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with her three children, Kate, Caroline, and Sean.


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    Judy Guston suggested that I contact you. I’d like to plan an event at the Rosenbach Museum & Library for this coming November that showcases some of the recipes contained in books in the Rosenbach’s collections. It could be a traditional lecture but it could also be something a little more kooky, where we actually have people try making some of the recipes. We don’t have a stove here but perhaps we could partner with a local restaurant. Anyway, before I get too far ahead of myself with ideas, I thought I’d ask if you were interested in being part of this kind of event. If so, you and I can talk more about what the event could look like. I’d like it to happen in Nov, right before Thanksgiving. The museum is open late on Weds and Thurs so I’m thinking Nov 17 or 18 or if we wanted to do a daytime thing, we could do it on Sat, Nov 20. Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Emilie Parker
    Hirsig Family Director of Education
    The Rosenbach Museum & Library
    2008-2010 Delancey Place
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    P: 215-732-1600 ext. 120
    F: 215-545-7529

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