Chou-Chou (pronounced “shoo shoo”) is not only a French term of endearment meaning “sweet little thing,” but it is also the nickname I lovingly bestowed on my third child and, in the winter of 2015, the title I gave to my specialty confections business, as well.

Indeed, Chou-Chou’s array of confections, including biscotti, tarts, cookies, cakes, specialty pastries, and jams, are as prettily fashioned as they are satisfyingly, comfortingly sweet. What’s more, though, each item is born of a thoughtful culinary artistry that reflects my training and experience. Seasonally inspired and often shaped with local and organic ingredients, my confections not only reflect the traditional American and European recipes and cooking methods that have influenced me, but they also display contemporary finesse in their design and flavor combinations.

Beauty, finesse, artistry, and tradition have long inspired my culinary endeavors. My formal education at the University of Pennsylvania, the Culinary Institute of America, and Winterthur Museum, as well as my work as a published food writer and cookbook author, reflect my passion for a broad range of disciplines, as well as my commitment to artistic and culinary excellence.

At Chou-Chou, one can surely enjoy an array of “sweet little things.” But to be sure, as I devote every day in the kitchen to creating beautiful and delicious confections, I aspire to nourish my customers’ passions for inspired food and to excite their discerning palates, as well.

For more information, or to order my confections, please contact me at or at 610.574.7779.

You can also find Chou-Chou’s confections at these fine stores and markets:

Artisan Exchange

Valley Forge Flowers

Pete’s Produce

Swarthmoore Co-op

Tripe Fresh Market

Linvilla Orchards

WU Brew Cafe (at Widener University)

Farm to You



One thought on “Chou-Chou

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Any interest in participating in an evening farmers market in Garnet Valley, PA?

    We are working on a new Farmers Market at Briggs Auction in Garnet Valley. They offer guaranteed foot traffic on Fridays from 3-7pm beginning Friday, May 6. They sell pre advanced tickets to the auction every week. 500+

    We anticipate this to be a great location.

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